Ok slight tingley feeling taking over….

2007 Year of the Pig

Ok well little bit ‘freaked’ out in a very good way right now.

My husband Albert and I have been in the process of adopting our first child (Miranda) from China. We started the process in Mar 2004 and with usual timeframes we should have received a referral of a baby by the latest Oct 2006 (year of the Dog).

Well then there was a blow out in timeframes and we had no idea when we would get our referral.  Getting to the point…the reason I am tingley is that I have just visited one of my fave online stores China Sprout. And guess what Chinese year 2007 is?

It’s the year of the PIG!!!

I have been in love with pigs since I was 16! I have a massive collection of them from pencils to teapots. When people think of pigs they think of me (no smart alec comments please) 

I now know without a doubt that I will be a mother in the year of the pig!! I am sure of it!.  Whoo hoo!!


(A very excited Porcine lover!)


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