The fulfilling of a childhood dream

Me &Well you may think me odd but to see Stone Henge was the fulfilling of a long held childhood dream.

Albert and I drove out to see it early in the morning. We were armed with a map and headed off quite excited. We were not prepared for the incongruous positioning of Stone Henge between 2 major highways. We were simply heading down this highway with fields and farms either side of us and then all of a sudden there we were. To be completely frank I thought I was actually going to wet my pants!! It was one of the most wonderful and odd sights I have ever seen. There was the Stone Henge of legend stuck in a paddock at the junction of 2 roads!! Weird! Wonderful! What can I say?

We then parked the car, paid the entrance fee and headed in through the underpass tunnel up into the paddock. To be standing there looking at THE Stone Henge was breath taking. I was really there. That’s when the sadness settled in a little. My Dad was English but had in 2001.  I can thank him for passing on the love of travel. Standing there looking at the Henge I wanted to call him and say “Hey Dad! Guess where I am?” But I couldn’t and that made me feel a bit melancholy.

Albert certainly cheered me up though when he suggested that I distract the security guard so he could do a ‘runner’and try and touch the stones. (they’re roped off from the public), I laughed and said that they would have him tackled to the ground before he got near them so he changed his mind. It would have been fun if he’d given it a go!


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