What’s with People? Are they suffering from IS?

Seriously what is wrong with people these days?

People tend to be so rude. On the street, in their cars they are venting and raging. In just getting to work today I had 3 incidences of  what I can only describe as ‘Ignoramus Syndrome’

Road Rage1. I was overtaking a vehicle on the frreway this morning and some ‘very anxious’ person felt that he absolutley needed to overtake me on the inside before I got past the car I was overtaking. He made it but he put the life of the other driver and myself at serious risk. So to the driver of the car registered as AC 95 AN you are a fully fledged ‘GOOBER’!

2. Then on the way up the escalators at work a man nearly knocked me to the ground to get on the step above me. The heroic man must have been chasing a bag snatcher….. no! GOOBER!!

3. While waiting for my coffee in the cafe foyer I was reading the complimentary paper and a woman nearly walked into me and totally ignored me as she lent over to read the paper I was reading.

Who raised these people? Where are all the niceties and manners gone to?


So for all of those people struggling to show common courtesy, go back to the classroom and learn some manners!!

A dissapointed Rachel.


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