Thar she Blows!!

Be sick



Lose ones lunch


Spit Up

Throw Up

Toss one’s cookies



Blow Chunks




Deliver Street Pizza

Dishonourable Discharge

Pray to the Porcelain god






Technicolor Yawn


and yuke.

I did NONE of these this weekend while out deep sea fishing on the Canopus!!

The Canopus

I won’t commit to saying that Deap Sea Fishing is one of my all time ‘To Do List’ events and I can now cross it off satisfied. I will cross it off though.

By taking ginger root capsules daily leading up to the big event, and wearing sea sick bands, and taking travel calm tablets (I was supposed to chew one and hour but ended up chewing them like minties every 5 minutes) I manage to keep my breakfast behind my gums.

Albert believes it is because I don’t actually have a motion sickness problem. More fool him!! Between climbing on the boat and making it out through the heads over the Bar (where it is compulsory to wear a life jacket..I don’t know why…duh!!) I sang every hymn I ever learned!! I tried to zone out to the chundering of the waves against the bow….or was that the chundering of my breakfast against my bowELS!!

 Anyway when all was said and done it was ok. I got to see Marlin jumping out of the water. Dolphins frolicking near the boat and joy of joys a SHARK!! That’s right you heard me. A hammer head shark. The captain said he was only a baby at 4 metres long. 

Ok so I am scared of sharks. I was fine until the 12 year old kid on board (who had already netted 14 fish) started humming da da da  da da behind me. I could have thrown him overboard! How did he know the theme tune to Jaws? It came out in the seventies!!

So between 6 of us we caught these.

And here I am with one of the fish I caught.


Impressive huh?


(They call me Ismael!!)


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