Bowing out of the rat race….for awhile…

Well it was kind of the weirdest feeling.  After waiting 15 years to walk up to my boss and say ‘Hey um I am finishing up as I am going on 12 months maternity/adoption leave’ it was actually kinda weird. On one hand I am so over the moon to be taking time out to be a Mum. But on the other hand I am leaving my comfort zone. A place where I can be recognized for my achievements and performance.  I wonder if I will get a Performance Development Rating (PDR) for changing nappies?

Anyway my last day at work is the 30th of March and I have already booked a ‘mummy’ date with my best friend Kim for Monday the 2nd April. We can go out to the shops and have a coffee, talk about baby stuff. Knowing that in a few weeks from then I will be back in Australia with Miranda/Atticus and we will be able to have many play dates. Whoo Hoo!!


(Bowing out of the rat race albeit temporarily)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Albert (yes "The" Albert)
    Feb 06, 2007 @ 22:16:25

    Rest assured I will sit down with you at first opportunity and agree to your new objectives and we can go over your KPI’s. We’ll have a one on one at every opportunity 🙂
    and every 6 months I will give you your PDR rating based on whether you met, met & exceeded some or exceeded all objectives…


  2. RogueQueen
    Feb 06, 2007 @ 22:26:54

    Well all I can say is “I hope your generous with my bonus pay!”


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