33 more days of work

Well I have exactly 33 more days at work. To clarify, I’m obviously going to be working at home.  Anyone who thinks a stay at home Mum doesn’t work is nuts!           

But anyway the point is I have only got to get up and drive an hour and a half to work 33 more times! Yay! By the time I am back from adoption leave work will have moved closer to me. Again Yay!           

 I am seriously so completely over Sydney, the traffic and the crappy infrastructure of this city. I know improvements are being made daily to the roads and tunnels etc but I have been living with road works, jackhammers, cement mixers and blocked roads for too long.

I am looking forward to that first morning we are back from China with Miranda/Atticus and instead of running out the door at 6.30 with toast hanging from my mouth I can lay in bed with my wonderful husband and darling baby and just relax knowing it’s ok to have a cuddle. Then I can get up cook my family a breakfast (a real breakfast), send Albert on his way and Bubs and I can go out walking around the town soaking up the grass, the sky and the fresh air. And there is no pressure as there is no report due to hand into my boss. No deadline to meet, no meeting to attend. The most stressful part of my day will be deciding what to cook for dinner.

Chinese New Year begins in China on Friday the 16th of February. Historically the Chinese Centre for Adoption affairs always try’s to get a small batch of Referrals out before they close up shop for a week. So this is what everyone in the adoption community is waiting for at the moment.They last week referred up to the 13th October 05. Our date is the 26th October 05. So we are quite interested to see how many days of referrals they will get out. They may only do up to the 17th or 18th of October. Or they may go further. So in theory Albert and I could know about our child as early as Monday 19th Feb. However it will more likely be mid March which I can totally live with as that is only 4 weeks away. Wow how am I going to respond/cope when I am holding that referral photo in my hand and I can actually put features on my ‘dreamtime’ baby? 

 Rachel Waiting for Miranda/Atticus


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