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Fly Little Storkie bring that Baby to Mama


Many of you reading this may not know the process in which we here in Australia waiting to adopt here about when to ‘expect’ the call.

The CALL being when someone from DoCS (Department of Community Services) calls us to say that a referral package has arrived from China for us.They will then tell us that we have  a boy or a girl. How old they are, their weight, height etc.From when we get this call it will be between 1 and 3 days before we will get to see our Rogue Regent for the first time. But watch this space as I will be posting here.

Anyway DoCS is different from the American agencies in that they do not call to let us know that referrals are on the way. We only know that referrals are on the way when US families start posting to their blogs that their agencies have contacted them.

So…. guess what?

Some US families are already posting to their blogs to say they have been contacted and referrals are IN THE AIR as we speak.

So somewhere over the Pacific Ocean right now in a mailbag is an envelope, and in that envelope is the photo of a dream come true.

Our Rogue Regent is going to be home with us soon and I can hardly imagine how they are going to change our lives. All I know is that it will be for the better!

In celebration of the imminent arrival of the Rogue Regent, guess what I did?

Yep went shopping! Below is what I bought.

                       my-mum.jpg  little-monkey.jpg

my-dad.jpg  kisses-for-daddy.jpg

 I can’t wait to be curled up in my rocking chair  reading these to the Rogue Regent.

Geographic Aggression

My team at work is always getting into some geographic ‘debate’ about somewhere. It began when yes believe it or not I got into an debate with a guy from Uruguay when I told him North America was not connected to South America. D’oh! It progressed from there. The Italian in my team told the Armenian in my team that he was from the Middle East…..we all rushed to google Aremenian and depending what site you are at it could be in the Middle East or Europe.  So to prevent further squabbling I went out a purchased a world map for each person in my team. Other people we work with think it’s strange but they have no idea how often the Geography topic comes up in our team of  Indian, Italian, Philippina, Uruguyan, Armenian and Aussie ethnic backgrounds.

So this next part of my blog is dedicated to my team. The below will help them win any geography debate.

Make me proud guys!

Eat An Aspirin After A Nighttime Snack

The 7 Continents (NOTE: The 2nd letter in the 1st 3 A words help to remember the A
continents) : Europe, Antarctica, Asia, Africa, Australia, North America, South America

I Am A Person

The 4 Oceans (Indian, Arctic, Atlantic, Pacific)


Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior : the Great Lakes in North America.

Never Eat Shredded Wheat

          North, South, East, West

 BeeGee’s Hen! See ‘er pee?
These are to remember the countries of Central America, in geographic order.
Bee (Belize)
          Gee (Guatemala)
Hen (Honduras and Nicaragua )
See ‘er (C R – Costa Rica)
Pee (Panama)

My Visual DNA

 They say a picture paints a thousand words. They, whoever they are also say that we have visual DNA. You can click below to see my Visual DNA or check out your own.

Read my VisualDNA Get your own VisualDNA™

It’s kinds of fun to see how you ‘see’ things….

Split Pants and Michelin Men

I have just been over at Alyson’s Place and read her ‘spot on’ post about split Pants and Michelin Men.

It is so true. Be prepared folks that when you see photo’s of the Rogue Regent for the first time that they may indeed look like a little Michelin Man in their many layers of clothing.

Although I can’t imagine it being comfortable I have to say it’s very cute seeing little tushies sticking out the back of their clothes!


Inequality persists

It is 2007. This month marks 200 years since the Abolition of Slavery policy was passed in Britain. William Wilberforce would not believe that 200 years after such a policy was passed that a case could come along like that of Shaquanda Cotton.

I was made aware of Shaquanda’s situation by YBP Guide. His site is informative and confronting in regards to the rights of blacks and whites. It makes me sick and sad to be white when you hear of the behaviour of people such as judge chuck superville. Please take the time to send Shaquanda a message of hope.  Tell as many people as you can about Shaquanda’s situation.


The Darryl Kerrigan of China

The Sydney property market has become so out of control that the chances of Albert and I owning our own home is not even a dream.

The average income in Sydney is $47K. The average home price is $550K.

So I totally get where Yang Wu is coming from. If I had the chance to own my home I would be like Yang Wu and cling to it for dear life.


It’s quite sad becaue you know he is winning a losing battle. There is no way he is going to be able to keep his home.

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