3 Years today

 Exactly three years ago today Albert and I began the long wait to our Rogue Regent.

Regent Darling I wrote the below poem for you. Mummy Loves You!!

 Waiting for You

Oh little one so far away

when will I see your face?

Three years today we have been waiting

dreaming each night of your embrace.

What will you look like I ask myself

Will you be chubby and in perfect health?

Will you have fat little fingers and toes

How do you wear your hair as it grows?

Soon Baby Soon Mama and

Baba will be there.

To love you and hug you and

show you we care.

Hold on sweet baby darling who’s dear.

we love you and love you and long till you’re here.

         ~ Rachel Garlando 2006


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Katie
    Mar 16, 2007 @ 08:45:40

    It is not long now Rach and Albert. We are holding our breath for you and think of you every day. May these last weeks of not knowing your baby be as easy as possible. We can’t wait to see your baby’s face but more importantly we will be so excited to see you holding her / him!
    Every day brings you closer to your baby, your dream fulfilled. NOT LONG NOW!!

    Big hugs from your friends,

    Katie, Michael and Ruby


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