Geographic Aggression

My team at work is always getting into some geographic ‘debate’ about somewhere. It began when yes believe it or not I got into an debate with a guy from Uruguay when I told him North America was not connected to South America. D’oh! It progressed from there. The Italian in my team told the Armenian in my team that he was from the Middle East…..we all rushed to google Aremenian and depending what site you are at it could be in the Middle East or Europe.  So to prevent further squabbling I went out a purchased a world map for each person in my team. Other people we work with think it’s strange but they have no idea how often the Geography topic comes up in our team of  Indian, Italian, Philippina, Uruguyan, Armenian and Aussie ethnic backgrounds.

So this next part of my blog is dedicated to my team. The below will help them win any geography debate.

Make me proud guys!

Eat An Aspirin After A Nighttime Snack

The 7 Continents (NOTE: The 2nd letter in the 1st 3 A words help to remember the A
continents) : Europe, Antarctica, Asia, Africa, Australia, North America, South America

I Am A Person

The 4 Oceans (Indian, Arctic, Atlantic, Pacific)


Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior : the Great Lakes in North America.

Never Eat Shredded Wheat

          North, South, East, West

 BeeGee’s Hen! See ‘er pee?
These are to remember the countries of Central America, in geographic order.
Bee (Belize)
          Gee (Guatemala)
Hen (Honduras and Nicaragua )
See ‘er (C R – Costa Rica)
Pee (Panama)

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Alyson
    Mar 29, 2007 @ 01:57:19

    Hah..that is great! Now do you have one of those handy phrases to help me learn all of the states and territories in Australia? 🙂



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