15 month milestone

Hey Lilypie!

Mama and Baba are thinking about you today. Today you are 15 months old. We hope you are having a happy safe day darling. We took this picture to let you know we were thinking of you today so very far away.

It is only 1 month 1 week and 6 days until you are in our arms. Then we will celebrate every milestone with you and be there when you need us.


Sending big hugs and kisses your way my sweet Lilypie

Lots of love Mama.


More gifts and some weird dreams thrown in!

Thank You (Xie Xie) Granma (Nai Nai),

Lily’s third parcel arrived today and what was inside was very very nice. Lily will be smartly dressed if nothing else!!

It is so lovely to see so many of Lily’s family so involved with her arrival. She is already so loved by so many people.


 I am a little tired today as I had weird dreams all night about Lily. I dreamt that she looked exactly like Dora the Explorer but she was only the same size as a ladybug. When we got to the orphanage for handover they gave Lily to us in a matchbox with a little piece of cotton wool so she wouldn’t get hurt while she was in my pocket!! On the way home I lost her three times!! I was freaking out. Then I took her to the doctors for a checkup and he had to wear a huge magnifying glass around his head so that he could examine her.

Then it was a few weeks later and I was saying goodnight to Lily and I walked over to my dressing table and she was on it but living inside a little house made from matchboxes! When she spoke to me she had such a high whispery voice and she looked just like Dora, even down to the outfit.

That’s weird right?

Thanks Aunty Fiona

Wow! Lily is a lucky girl, her second parcel2nd-parcel.jpg today has arrived! She is going to have some lovely things thanks to all her wonderful family and friends.

Thankyou Aunty Fiona & Uncle Bronson for the very cool little outfit!


Thanks Aunty Cheryl

parcel.jpg 100_1871.jpg top.jpg

How exciting!! Lily got her first parcel today. Thanks Aunty Cheryl, Uncle Patti and Chip!


And a special thanks to Uncle Patti for his influence. Look what Lily’s Baba bought her yesterday.


It’s all Uncle Patti’s fault!! Apparently this is what Lily will be wearing Fathers Day weekend while she is hanging out with Aunty Cheryl, Uncle Patti and her cousin Chip. Oh Dear!!


The Hanfu

Most Han today wear western clothing.  People often attribute the Qipao to the Han but this is actually from the Qing dynasty and is of Manchu influence. The below Hanfu is the traditional costume of the Han people.

hanfusoft2-1.jpg  hanfu-costume2.gif  hanfu-costume1.gif  hanfu-costume.gif  hanfuwed-1.jpg  hanfu23.jpg

Is Han is good!!

Although we do not know anything about Lily’s birth parents we do that Lily is Han Chinese. This ethnic group is the single biggest ethnic group on the planet!  Han Chinese take up 19% of the world’s population. The symbolic colour of the Han is red.

We love the fact that we now can learn more about the culture of the Han and hopefully instil this in Lily so she has a good understanding of the people from which she was born.

Now that we know she is Han there is a rich culture heritage that is hers, from food and clothing to history and traditions.

Not only were we told that Lily is Han but we were told that her high forehead is seen as auspicious to the Chinese as it indicates she is very intelligent.

Whether this ends up being true or not she is just lovely and perfect in everyway and we are just so happy that she is ours.

A shift in the time space continuum

I have been Lily’s mother for 10 days and I truly have no idea what happened to those 10 days. They have sped past. I thas been crazy but in a good way. I actually feel like I may have missed a week of my life. All this past week was taken up with lodging immigration papers, organising acceptance letters for China sending Lily her first gift from her Mama and Baba.

Now at least I can relax a little bit as the paperwork side of the process is complete. All we need to do now is wait for China to send us our NTT (Notice to Travel) once we receive this we can go and pick up our little Lily.

 So this weekend I had a bit of an opportunity to buy some things for our Lily girl. CWTS (Chinese Womens Travel Service) were kind enough to send us Lily’s latest measurements so at least we now have a better idea of how big she is.

These are the first pair of shoes I bought my daughter. Do you think I am pushing my love of Country Music on her to early? Should I avoid teaching her to bootscoot?


But never fear I also have my hippy side too. This is the outfit I bought Lily this week.

It is too cute!!


And if anyone reading this knows me well they know that Lily will have to have some bling!

So you can see the bling I have made her below.



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