Our Amazing Daughter

Well the last three days have been truly amazing. God is good and he has truly blessed us with this precious baby girl. I know that many of you have been checking in to see a picture of the Rogue Regent. However due to some issues I will not be able to post pictures of her to the site until Tuesday evening. Then what a treat you will be in for because of course she is just gorgeous!!

We were fortunate to receive 3 very good pictures of Lily. Yes you heard right. We have decided to give Chun-Xing a name from us as to add to her very beautiful Chinese name. Her Baba picked it out for her and I just love it. She has only been ours for three days and she has already captured her Baba’s heart.

While we were waiting for copies of her photo at the photolab on Friday we decided to go and look around K-mart at all the little girl things. Toys, dolls, etc when I turned to talk to King Gold Crown he was no where to be seen. I called out for him and can you guess where he was?

In the sporting goods section trying to find the smallest pink fishing rod for Lily! He wants to take her fishing already!

I also just want to say thankyou to Lily’s global family. There are so many of you out there that have prayed and prayed for us in this journey to Lily. You have encouraged me, made me laugh and made me cry. You have shared your life and experiences with me and I am so very grateful for that.

Also just so you know our Lily is already very up to date with the latest in computing. She has her own email address!

If you would like to email Lily your best wishes for her then you can send it to lily at garlandofamily.com (email address written like this to avoid spammers, please format correctly before emailing Lily)

Rogue Queen signing off for the first time as Lily Chun-Xing’s Mama!!


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  1. lawzy
    Apr 19, 2007 @ 00:01:28

    congratulations to the proud new parents…
    she will be in the hands of some very proud parents and well looked after…congratulations again…and may God bless you’s both and lilly


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