A shift in the time space continuum

I have been Lily’s mother for 10 days and I truly have no idea what happened to those 10 days. They have sped past. I thas been crazy but in a good way. I actually feel like I may have missed a week of my life. All this past week was taken up with lodging immigration papers, organising acceptance letters for China sending Lily her first gift from her Mama and Baba.

Now at least I can relax a little bit as the paperwork side of the process is complete. All we need to do now is wait for China to send us our NTT (Notice to Travel) once we receive this we can go and pick up our little Lily.

 So this weekend I had a bit of an opportunity to buy some things for our Lily girl. CWTS (Chinese Womens Travel Service) were kind enough to send us Lily’s latest measurements so at least we now have a better idea of how big she is.

These are the first pair of shoes I bought my daughter. Do you think I am pushing my love of Country Music on her to early? Should I avoid teaching her to bootscoot?


But never fear I also have my hippy side too. This is the outfit I bought Lily this week.

It is too cute!!


And if anyone reading this knows me well they know that Lily will have to have some bling!

So you can see the bling I have made her below.




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