Thanks Aunty Cheryl

parcel.jpg 100_1871.jpg top.jpg

How exciting!! Lily got her first parcel today. Thanks Aunty Cheryl, Uncle Patti and Chip!


And a special thanks to Uncle Patti for his influence. Look what Lily’s Baba bought her yesterday.


It’s all Uncle Patti’s fault!! Apparently this is what Lily will be wearing Fathers Day weekend while she is hanging out with Aunty Cheryl, Uncle Patti and her cousin Chip. Oh Dear!!



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  1. Cheryl, Patrick & Chip
    Apr 23, 2007 @ 22:59:01

    Hi guys, so glad that you got the parcel safely !! & we love the Holden “get up” !!! Well done Baba !! The kids are going to have a great time meeting each other Im sure !! How strange does it feel to see that in words . . . ” our kids ” I know it seems sureal for me Rachel, so no doubt it is even more for you !! Can’t wait to hear a date for when you leave for China to bring Lily home . . .ps Lily sucks her bottom lip in just like Michael did when he was little !! how cute !! Take Care, Love Cheryl Patti & Chip


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