Friday 25th May – First Morning in China

I think I am the only  one of my batch up yet. It’s just after 7am and I am pumped!! I have had my shower and got organised yet Albert is still in the land of Nod and does not want to be woken until 8am. So I thought I would say hey! 

I have taken a photo from my hotel room to show you what Shanghai looks like from here but have no way of transferring it to the computer. I need a USB port (Which I thought I brought) but am to fuzzy to work it out quite yet.

Anyway it is costing me 26 yuan for 15 minutes on the internet and I have 2 minutes left so I will choof off and go explore the hotel until some one else from the batch is up and about.

I am really ready to hit the town and do some shopping today.

Bye for now


Thursday 24th May

Well the flight was comfortable and not to eventful. We had three seats at the very back of the plane so Albert could spread out his legs. So all were happy. We were a bit miffed when we saw that Paul and Celeste had the seats near the door however that changed when Paul said that the guy behind them farted every 10 minutes all the way to Shanghai!

Shanghai is amazing! I have never seen so much neon lighting  in all my life! It took an hour from the airport to the hotel and the buildings with their design and lighting are incredible. Uncle Matt there is one building that looks like something straight out of Gotham City!

Well it is very late and I need to go to bed. There was a bit of drama when we thought Tony had lost his luggage but it was still at the airport and was located and disaster was averted. It is now after 11 Shanghai time and after 1am Sydney time. I have been up since 4am…..

Nighty nite.

My loyal Subjects….I love you all…

Well it is now less than 48 hours till we are on our way to Shanghai and then to Chongqing to pick up the lovely rogue regent Miss Lily Chun-Xing. I am not quite sure what I am feeling. It is really hard to pinpoint the emotion. I am happy that this journey is finally at a pinnacle point. I am ecstatic that I am actually going to be Lily’s mother, I am sad that Monday will be a heart wrenching time for Lily. I am scared that I am not up to the task of motherhood. I am worried I won’t do what is required….all of the above emotions are swirling around within me and that just makes me plain exhausted!!

I hope you will all stay with me over the next few weeks. I am not sure what the Internet connection will be like in China but I do hope to post something while there. I mean the plan is to post something daily and ultimately with pictures but I do acknowledge that maybe harder than it sounds. Anyway please check back and hopefully you will see some great ‘in the moment’ photo’s of us with Lily and some wonderful sights of China.

Those who know what I am like please PRAY for me to be calm and collected throughout. Because as Petie knows we don’t want me freaking out, tripping over and knocking myself unconscious!! (Ask Pete he’ll explain)

So the bags are now packed and sitting in the doorway. I have packed and repacked them. I have been up in the middle of the night to satisfy my curiosity that yes that certain thing is packed where I thought I packed it.

So just quickly I wanted to say thankyou to all my friends and family who have supported us over the past 15 years. Our Dream not only lives but I think she has a dimple or two!

 So with little more to say until the lovely Lily is in our arms I will love you and leave you with this fine sentiment:

Who travels for love finds a thousand miles not longer than one.

~Japanese Proverb

Hello Lily

 This is the cutest video of my niece Enya saying hello to Lily on the camera phone. The quality is not great but you sure get the gist of the cuteness!

Our journey to the Far East

It’s all getting very exciting, we just received out itinerary for our trip to meet Lily Chun-Xing. We will have some free days in Shanghai prior to meeting Lily on the 28th May, then we will be visiting the following places.

Chongqing Zoo (to see the Panda’s)


The Huanguang Guild in Chongqing, Ci Qi Kou (A porcelain Village)  and Fo Tu Guan Park

Then in Shanghai Shop at a massive Walmart for great priced toys and such for Lily.

Then visit the Yu Gardens,



  a Water Town


and Chenghuang Temple and a Silk Factory.

I am so raring to go. I can’t wait to see our darling girl. I want to squish her with kisses! To see all these wonderful parts of China with her will be precious and we will make sure we take as many pictures as we can to help remind her of all the things we saw in China. Hopefully we will get to go back to China time and time again.

We’s are ready!

Yay I have Lily’s notice to travel (NTT) in my hot little hands.


And though I may not be as chilled as Mr Darcy here I am feeling much better than I did yesterday


. Lily and my bags are packed and now we are just waiting for Daddy to get his bum in to gear!

I am freaking out!!! Valium Valium!! Where are thou Valium?

Well we had confirmation today that our handover has been brought forward by 2 weeks!

We fly out next Thursday the 24th May.  Arghh!! I will see Lily in less than a fortnight!! I have so much to do and now so little time. I have packing and house sitters etc to arrange.

Do I have everything? If not bad luck! China here come the Rogue Royals!

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