Our journey to the Far East

It’s all getting very exciting, we just received out itinerary for our trip to meet Lily Chun-Xing. We will have some free days in Shanghai prior to meeting Lily on the 28th May, then we will be visiting the following places.

Chongqing Zoo (to see the Panda’s)


The Huanguang Guild in Chongqing, Ci Qi Kou (A porcelain Village)  and Fo Tu Guan Park

Then in Shanghai Shop at a massive Walmart for great priced toys and such for Lily.

Then visit the Yu Gardens,



  a Water Town


and Chenghuang Temple and a Silk Factory.

I am so raring to go. I can’t wait to see our darling girl. I want to squish her with kisses! To see all these wonderful parts of China with her will be precious and we will make sure we take as many pictures as we can to help remind her of all the things we saw in China. Hopefully we will get to go back to China time and time again.


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  1. Mum/Grandma
    May 17, 2007 @ 22:21:33

    My dear family,I can not explain how I feel now that this is all finally happening,happy,excited,proud,it’s such a feeling that I haven’t experienced before.
    So different to the feelings I had for the arrival of my other grandchildren.Possibly because once they were expected I just knew that they would arrive in due course but with Lily I must admit that I had feelings that she would never arrive at times.
    I should have know that our dear precious
    god would not let us down but at times I could not help but doubt….
    Not any more though, there have been soo many times in my life over the past 7 or so years that He has kept His promises to me and given me and my dearly beloved family the thing we have asked for.
    Praise to the Lord.
    I wish you all a very safe journey to Lily and also your journey home again.
    I can hardly wait to see this little grandaughter and to cuddle and show her how much she means to us all.


  2. Joy
    May 18, 2007 @ 11:58:42

    Wow, What a fantastic surprise, making your journey 2 weeks earlier than expected to pick up princess Lily.What an amazing trip to see parts of China, Lily’s homeland.
    We are all squealing with happiness here and dancing around with excitment.(esp. Jo)
    Love you both,
    Joy and family


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