A week of new things

100_2400.jpg  Lily has had an amazing week of learning things and finding new ways to communicate with us. She has a few words that she can speak but her vocab for words she knows is huge! She understands: Breakfast, Toast, biscuit, kiss, cuddle,bottle, help, Mummy, Daddy, no, shoes, drink, sleep, socks, ball and baby. To me this is amazing that she has learnt so many words in only 4 weeks.

100_2466.jpg 100_2456.jpg

A new thing she has just started is to lean her forhead down to the cat for a kiss. This is how she does it whan mummy and daddy ask for a kiss so now she is demanding kisses from the cat. We went out to visit Aslan her puppy today and Lily was even inclining her head to Aslan for kisses. So very sweet! I hope her and Aslan become firm friends. She really likes his floppy soft ears and when he licks her face she giggles.

lily-with-aslan.jpg aslan.jpg  aslan-6-weeks-with-lily.jpg

Lily’s Granma Nai Nai has been here for a week and is here for another. Her and Lily have hit it off great which is so lovely to see.

100_2447.jpg 100_2451.jpg

This week Lily also got to catch up with Uncle Mic Mic, Auntie Katie and Ruby. The girls had a blast getting to know each other and looked like little Snugglepot and Cuddlepie when they put on the hats we brought back from China.100_2472.jpg 100_2475.jpg


Aslan Walks

aslan2.jpg   aslan3.jpg

Lily willbe getting her guardian companion in 2 weeks. His name is Aslan and he is a great dane. After much research we decided a great Dane pup was the perfect dog for our family and to grow and bond with our Lily as her companion. We decided to call him Aslan after the Lion of Narnia who guarded and protected the children who entered through the wardrobe.

We are excited as a family that we will have this beautiful dog to grow and protect our Lily as she grows. And we also get to enjoy him while he is in his cute puppy stage. Oh so adorable!

Lily’s First Day at Playgroup

100_2434.jpgWell with much trepidation I headed out today to enter the jungle known as ‘playgroup’, biological mothers armed to the teeth with good advice and wisdom on raising children. To be honest I was terrified. When I arrived my friend Jo who runs the playgroup said “Rachel you are shaking!”and I was.

To think that I have been in the corporate world for over 10 years and have had no real interaction with mothers en masse I was shaking all over. It was scary stuff. Not only was I entering the domain of the bio mum but I was entering it with my 16 month old daughter who has only been my daughter for 3 weeks. My daughter who has bonded to her Dad and is still not real sure of me. I was convinced she was going to chuck a na na and in front of everyone I would not be able to comfort her and I would be seen for the phony newbie mother that I am. But yet again my daughter proved that I do not need to ‘over think’ every situation. Just take it as it comes and everything will work out fine.

I mingled with the Mums, Lily watched the other kids, even did a little bit of colouring in and craft. All in all it was a great first day at playgroup. There were a few other Chinese kids there with their Chinese Mums and Lily even managed to pick up a playdate for late August with one little girl.

 We’re in! Or at least on our way……


Without the Baba

Today was Lily and my first outing without Baba. I went to a friends for morning tea just from 10-12 to see how Lily would cope without her Dad. The first hour was fine and she played really well with the other kids. Then she began taking her toys to the front door and playing there alone. I lept picking her back up and taking her back to the toy room and she kept heading straight back to the door. After awhile she didn’t want the toys and just started leaning against the door and crying. I picked her up and gave her a cuddle (which lasted oh about 30 seconds) then she climbed down and leant her head on the door again and whimpered and tapped the door with the palm of her hand. I figured she missed Daddy so we went home. I don’t know who was more excited to see who, her Daddy was waiting in the driveway and had her in his arms before I could say ‘Nebraska!’ As you can see we were all smiles once we had Daddy back in our sight.

 copy-of-lily-098.jpg  lily-097.jpg  lily-103.jpg

Compare the Pair

lily-123.jpg This is Lily on the 2nd June weighing around 9kgs.

head-17th-june.jpgThis is Lily on the 17th June weighing in at 10.5 Kgs.

She is getting lovely and chunky. Putting on good weight and getting great colour in her face as she settles in to her new home and new routine. We just love her to bits!!

We have been home 10 days

We have been home 10 days and the speed in which Lily is learning and picking things up is incredible! She has been Daddy’s girl the whole time and has not really allowed me to cuddle or hold her very much. But in the last 3 days Mummy is getting a few cuddles in.

She now knows what and where her toy things are and is happy to sit and play quietly for hours. CCAA certainly matched us with the perfect child for us. She is so similar in personality to her father that I still wonder.


She sailed through her first grocery shopping adventure. She was a bit wary of the trolley seat but was ok as long as she could see her Baba.

Lily has not made any sounds except to cry since we met her but last night we went out to Dinner at the Tai Yuan restaurant in Dixon St China Town with her cousin Enya (2) and her Aunt and Uncle. She loved it! She loved being in her stroller next to her cousin and by the time we were driving home we could hear her singing to herself in baby language! Ah she speaks!!! Then when we got home she was making random sounds and it was interesting to watch. We think that her talking may happen quite soon.


Being with her cousin has helped I think stimulate her curiosity and give her confidence to try some new things.


Ahh life is so good!!

June 7th – Got Lily’s Visa and we’re coming home!

Well I can hardly believe that China allowed us to leave Chinese Air Space with Miss Lily. She is a dream come true. We were granted her visa and flew from Shanghai (hot and humid) to Sydney (torrential and worst storms in 4 years)

When we were going to the departure lounge at Shanghai airport and were walking towards the immigration counter staffed with airport security I was convinced that they would step forward and say ” Hey where do you think you are going with that child?”

But they actually smiled and opened the gate to let us sail through! Same thing at Sydney when we landed. I was sure that immigration were not going to let Lily in. I am so pessimistic. But we did get home and Lily slept for 12 hours her first night in her own room. To see MY daughter asleep in OUR home is simply magic!


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