Wed 30th May – Chongqing Zoo & Dr Dennis

Today was our first outing with Lily and we visited the Chongqing Zoo. It was great to see the Giant Pandas. I thought they were oh so cuddly! Oh And the heat was unbelievable. So humid!

 All day Lily seemed to be listless and sleepy. I was concerned there was something wrong. I did not know whether to put it down to the fact that she was traumatised by the whole experience or if their was something medically wrong with her like an infection or something. There were a few other couples in the batch concerned with their babies health too so we got to go and visit the Global Doctor, Dr Dennis who works out of the Hilton Hotel in Chongqing City. He was wonderful and put our mind at ease that Lily was a very healthy little girl. We told him that it was now 3 days since handover and Lily had still not pooped! He then gave her a glycerine enema and Lily subsequently pooped two hard little marbles which I am sure must have been so painful. Dr Dennis said to just make sure she eats a lot of fresh fruit and vegies and things should work themselves out. Poor bubby! She must have been so uncomfortable. You can see from the pics that she is pale and sickly looking.

Oh but what a relief to be told she was Aok! Ahh……


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