Friday 1st June – Ci Qi Kou & Lily’s passport

Today we visited a historic Village called Ci Qi Kou which used to be famous for making porcelian products. Now it is like a commercial tourist town and has markets and teahouses. It was also the first day we used the stroller the hotel lent us for Lily. She suprised us by actually enjoying being in it and like a queen in a sedan chair waved to all her subjects as she passed them by. Quite the little princess! She looked really cute because we had bought her a hat and a pair of sunglasses yesterday and she looks like a little rock star in them. She drem quite a crowd and everone wanted to touch her. When we stopped for a break people came up and started posing with Lily and having their family take photos of them with her. They seemed amazed that two Australians would have a Chinese daughter. It facinated them. Lily and I also shopped till we dropped.

In the evening we went our guide Sylvia’s room and she gave us Lily’s new passport. Now all we have to wait for is the visa! Then we can come home!!


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