June 3rd – Ancient WaterTown and a Silk Factory

Today our guides took us to a Watertown about an hour out of Shanghai. It’s a village that has been built on 2 sides of river with quaint little bridges and shops connecting the town. There are boats and fisherman. And it is quite beautiful and idyllic. It has been turned into a bit of a tourist attraction and so the shopping was fabulous! But then what shopping is not fabulous in China? It’s the best! If you love to hunt down a bargain you must go to China!

Anyway we took Lily around in her stroller. Bought her some more clothes. (She is so small and barely fits into 0’s) Bought some biscuits from a street vendor which nearly rivalled Wai Po’s or Aunty Kims. They were delish! It was a great day out and wonderful to get away from the hustle and bustle of Shanghai.

  Bridge in Watertown  lily-016.jpg  lily-021.jpg

After the Watertown we went to a Silk Factory and had lunch in their restaurant (can you tell what this is?) 


before taking a tour of the factory and seeing how silk is harvested and woven into quilts and clothing. Oh and of course more shopping at the silk factory. Beautiful scarves, pyjamas…if only I had more money…..:-(

lily-026.jpg  lily-025.jpg


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