June 4th – Lily’s Medical check

This just goes to show that we block traumatic experiences. Yesterdays post about chillin and hangin was not entirely correct. We did not spend the entire day at the hotel. It was also the day that Lily had her medical check to grant her visa. All 6 couples from our batch spent the morning at the Australian Consulate Medical Centre on Nanjing Rd. It was awful hearing the cries of the other little girls as they all went in and had their checks. None of the families in our batch were overly impressed with the whole procedure.

The process was:

1.Take Lily into a room and measure her height (Making her stand! Doh!) and then weighing her, (Albert holding her down in a cold metal old fashioned scale shaped like a bowl.) Needless to say both measurements different to previous measurements quoted. Then we were sent back out to the waiting room.

2.Then we were called into another room with a doctor wearing a face mask (like for surgery, scary enough in it’s self)she then asked questions which seemed a tad, no a lot unfair and she did not seem to appreciate that Lily is a post intitutionalised child. She asked if Lily could walk. We said yes and put her down. Lily collapsed crying on the floor. She asked if she could build blocks and handed Lily blocks. Lily dropped the blocks and began to cry. The doctor tut tutted and I began to get very angry and defensive. The Doctor insinuated Lily had not reached her milestones…well derr!! She then took Lily’s nappy off and checked her hips etc and then sent us back out into the waiting room.

3. A nurse then called us into another room where 3 nurses were waiting. They asked Albert to hold Lily’s arms and head still.  I held Lily’s legs. The nurses than proceeded to bend Lily’s wrists, arms and ankles back looking for a vein. Fortunately I had taken advice and had given Lily lots of fluids and kept her warm all morning. They found a good vein in her arm and she bled well. She filled the vial very quickly and it was all over. Poor Lily was terrified more than anything. I don’t think it was the actual needle that hurt. She was just terrified by the strangers and by being held down. But she is a Garlando and she behaved like a trooper!! We Garlando’s are tuff!!

Unfortunately for some our girls the nurses could not find veins easily and they were left with byrst blood vessels in their arms and welts on their legs where the blood was finally drawn. Why we did not have an Australian Doctor doing the Australian visa medical test is beyond me. Also I know that the medical is not just for adopted babies but for all people entering Australia, however I do believe that the Doctors doing the medicals should have some experience with Post Institutionalised Children.


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  1. Erin
    Jun 16, 2007 @ 12:59:43

    First off, Congratulations! Lily is stunning and I can see the love you have for her. What a blessing for your family. The Australian medical process sounds quite different than the American standards. Jilly absolutley hated her examanination and I cannot imagine her reaction if they needed to draw blood–horrors! I hope you are now safely home and adjusting well.


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