Australian Mother of the Year Award

Are you the best mumToday, ‘The Rogue Royals’ has been hacked by King Goldcrown to report on an amazing development in the Rogue Royal household.

As noted in Wikipedia… “Barnardos Australia’s Mother of the Year Awards is an award which aims to recognise mothers and the important role that they play in our society; highlighting key themes such as nurturing and caring. Barnardos Australia developed the Mother of the Year Awards (BAMYA) in 1994, as an opportunity to showcase the women responsible for excellent parenting within the community.”100_2720.jpg

The local nominee from “Rogue-town” NSW is none other than THE ROGUE QUEEN! For tireless and outstanding effort in maintaining house, home, haizi, husband & hound!

Life can be pretty full on when you’ve got to deal with the upkeep of a large house, manage a home, deal with a toddling haizi, tolerate a demanding husband and on top of all that somehow also ensure the newly arrived hound is kept out of mischief.

We love you honey and you’re doing a fantastic job! (Sorry we can’t give you the new car that the BAMYA winners get, maybe a block of chocolate?)


KGC, Rogue Regent & Aslan


July has been great

100_2682.jpg Granma (Nai Nai) came to visit. 100_2675.jpg

100_2692.jpg Someone decided she liked yoghurt after all….100_2693.jpg

100_2987.jpg That same someone went down the BIG slippery dip by herself, 100_2989.jpg

 and now I have more grey hairs than before!

100_2900.jpg Aslan and Lily thought it would be fun to eat sand! 100_2895.jpg

100_2928.jpg Lily has turned into a little Mummy and loves feeding her baby. 100_2927.jpg

100_2951.jpgLily’s hair is growing at last..we even have the beginnings of a fringe!100_2950.jpg

Lily goes to the Petting Zoo

Today Lily and I joined with some other CA’s (Chinese Adoptees) and their Mums and headed off to the petting Zoo at the Local Shopping Centre. There were goats, lambs, piglets, chickens, ducks and even a rabbit or too. Lily was more interested in the plastic sign that was hanging on the gate but still managed to pat a few goats.


We then visited a park and the girls all ran around and had a blast. Lily went on the swings and even had a bit of a go on the slippery dip. I think Mama will freak out the first time Lily decides she wants to go down by herself!


We also discovered that a certain little miss loves cinnamon doughnuts from Doughnut King. Oh woe are our teeth!


Dedicated to Lily

Yesterday we had Lily’s dedication service at Church. We saw that it was an opportunity for us before family and friends to dedicate ourselves to raising Lily in the best way we can. She wore her red suit that we bought especially for the occasion. She had the Slippers her Aunty Bron had made for her and she look just beautiful. It was a very special day.



In the afternoon we had a bbq at our house and invited a few people. It was lovely to have the Zoestar and her Mum and Dad with us. Lily and Zoey were cot buddies at Wanzhou and they enjoy playing together.We tell Lily that Zoey is her big sister and that’s the way we see it. Everyone in our batch is now family and our daughters are sisters.  A great time was had by all.