July has been great

100_2682.jpg Granma (Nai Nai) came to visit. 100_2675.jpg

100_2692.jpg Someone decided she liked yoghurt after all….100_2693.jpg

100_2987.jpg That same someone went down the BIG slippery dip by herself, 100_2989.jpg

 and now I have more grey hairs than before!

100_2900.jpg Aslan and Lily thought it would be fun to eat sand! 100_2895.jpg

100_2928.jpg Lily has turned into a little Mummy and loves feeding her baby. 100_2927.jpg

100_2951.jpgLily’s hair is growing at last..we even have the beginnings of a fringe!100_2950.jpg


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lee-Anne
    Jul 25, 2007 @ 14:08:52

    Lucky Lily looks gorgeous with/or without much hair!!!

    Sand? Eeewww… bet that made for some interesting “deposits” later?!!


  2. Mum / Nai Nai
    Jul 28, 2007 @ 13:03:07

    I’m so glad Lily’s hair is finally starting to look ;normal;she is beautiful no matter what her hair looks like though.
    Rachel you have to stress less girl, over the years to come there are going to be lots more things than going down the slippery dip to contend with!
    It’s good that you managed to get one of those magic bottles for her baby.Who would have thought that a $2 shop doll would play such an important part for her.Are you allowed to feed’baby’or does she still have to stay put in her stroller?
    Salan looks to be growing well,hope you have the saddle on order so as he and Lily can go riding.Or maybe she will stick to bareback rodeo style!!!!!
    Love you all.xxxxx


  3. Mum / Nai Nai
    Jul 28, 2007 @ 13:05:01

    Whoops,sorry for the spelling mistake. That’s the 4 fingered tpyist coming to the fore.xxxxxx


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