Moon Festival

We took Lily to the moon festival in the Chinese Gardens this evening.It was a lovely night out and Lily did not seem fussed by all the drumming when the lion dancers came by, they even came up and danced just for Lily and she was happy to sit and watch.

Then we saw the laser light show of how the Lady Chang e became the lady in the moon. It ended with a finale of fireworks which made Lily jump a bit!!

 We all tried spicy quail eggs on a stick…not a fave with any of the Garlando’s. Then we ate hou tou pancakes which were very nice. And we all so ate little mooncakes but Lily preferred here cheezels!!

On Friday Lily and I made paper lanterns with Aunty Katie and Ruby, then we had friends over and had sparklers in the back yard and fortune cookies which were a hit with the kids. All in all it has been a lovely weekend and we have had fun celebrating the moon festival.




August 2007

August has been such a busy month. We got back from China in June. July was crazy just getting settled and so August was the month we began all our routines and regular events.

100_3105.jpg 100_3125.jpg 100_3195.jpg 100_3651.jpg

Lily is now going to a local playgroup on Fridays and we have just started a batch 31 playgroup that we have on Tuesdays. It is so great for Lily to be able to regularly see the girls she travelled home from China with. Lily especially loves Zoey who is a few months older than Lily. They make really great partners in crime.

100_3627.jpg 100_3629.jpg 100_3731.jpg 100_3723.jpg

Earlier in the month Lily and I got to visit Taronga Zoo as guests of Aunty Katie and Ruby.  We all had a wonderful time and the Lily at Taronga was far removed from the Lily that we took around Chongqing Zoo in June. She was attentive to all the animals (especially the monkeys and tigers) and she interacted really well with Ruby as well.

100_3133.jpg 100_3135.jpg 100_3166.jpg 100_3170.jpg

Lily also got to visit the Fairfield City Farm with her Friday playgroup. She had a blast and it was great because Dada got to come too! We went on a tractor ride which she loved as the wind was blowing and Lily just loves when she gets a breeze in her face. Maybe it’s because she was born in the year of the dog!! We took her into the Kangaroo enclosure and we got some lovely photos of Lily cuddling the very sleepy kangaroos. While I was taking one photo I was looking at Lily thinking I did not give her a malteser where did she get that from? Then I realised it was Kangaroo poo. Alas I was too late to stop her chomping down and swallowing it!!

100_3487.jpg 100_3500.jpg 100_3499.jpg 100_3508.jpg

Lily has always loved music but is now realising how she can clap her hands, dance and even slap her thighs when she is listening to  a song she likes. It is funny watching what music really sets her head banging. I’m afraid to say she really goes to town when she hears a bit of ACDC.. Oh dear!

The other thing that we have really noticed this month is that Lily is very much into reading and writing.. yep you read right. Her favourite activity is to walk around the house with a book in her hand and she runs her fingers along the words while rambling on. As far as she is concerned she is reading! She never pays attention to the pictures. She really thinks that she is reading the words. Her other favourite activity is to write. She loves sitting with paper and she will write contentedly for ages. We got her a magna doodle and she just loves to use this.

Finally Lily’s hair has grown thick and long enough that we are now able to put little ‘waterfalls’ in her hair. We also gave it a bit of a trim yesterday to straighten her fringe and cut the whispy bits off the back. It has shape to it now and is starting to look like a cute little bob.

lily-017.jpg lily-005.jpg 100_3754.jpg lily-033.jpg

 We have just started taking Lily to the rec centre to swim. To our suprise she took to the water, well like a duck.  I even went as far as to put her head under water and she came up laughing and screaming. We did it over and over and she loved it. Then the waves started up in the wave pool and she thought the waves breaking over her head was hilarious. Considering it was only the third time she had been in a pool (we went twice in China and she hated it) we were really impressed at her confidence.

Lily has made leaps and bounds in regards to her attaching to me. She will now seek me out for cuddles and kisses and this is even when Dad’s in the room! I think she will always be a Daddy’s girl but she now is happy to come to me for attention too. I love the way she gives kisses. She used to bow her head towards you when asked for a kiss but now she opens her mouth and leans in and kind of sucks your face with a big MUAH sound! Oh so cute!

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