I laughed so hard….


Nothing else needs to be said here


Constantly changing but getting more comfortable

On the 28th September Lily had been with us four months.  In some ways those 4 months have flown past but in other ways it seems years since we were in China adopting Lily.

Before Lily our life was comfortable and constant, everyday predictable and the same. Now that Lily is in our lives not one day is predictable. It’s weird and amazing all at the same time.

I still look at her every day and just think ‘wow, this is my daughter. This little Chinese girl is my daughter. Sometimes the feelings I have overwhelm me, like today I was watching her play and she just looked up at me and smiled. Whoah the tears started to flow. I thought of her Mum in China and how she would never see that smile. It just breaks my heart that there is a part of Lily’s life I cannot complete for her.

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Lily is changing everyday and becoming more confident with everything she does. However if she continues to be the ‘knockabout’ toddler she is and bang and bruise herself I may have to wrap her in cotton wool and duct tape! In the past month she has fallen and banged her head on the art easel leaving a huge blue egg on her forehead. Has a scab on her elbow where she fell and banged it. A scab on her ankle which she fell and took the skin off. Oh and a scratch now her face from ear to chin which we have no idea how she did.

I suppose I should not be the one talking, considering that on Tuesday afternoon I feel down the stairs and broke my ankle.  And let me just say that if you ever find yourself in a similar agonising situation do not, I repeat DO NOT hyperventilate. Which obviously is what I did prior to the paramedics arriving…this in turn led to carpal spasaming which I can only describe to you as like having a seizure where you are paralysed and  talking slow as you have depleted the CO2 to the brain.  The positive side to this experience was that from when I fell to when I hobbled back through the front door with a plastered leg on crutches was less than 4 hours. GO the public hospital system…not bad at all I reckon.

So getting back to Lily…Albert and I think that the reason that Lily is so accident prone has to do with the amount of time she has had in her past to actually partake in physical activities. If in the orphanage she spent a lot of time in her cot or sitting in a large sparsley furnished playroom then she would never have had the opportunity to learn how to negotiate coffee tables, lounge chairs etc.

So next week Lily will attend her first Gymbaroo Class. We are hoping that the types of activities they will involve her in will increase her spatial awareness, balance etc. Obviously Dada will have to be involved in this as I am ‘out of action’ until the Doctor knows hows serious the break in my foot is. He told me yesterday that it is the talus bone which is broken but he would like to do more x-rays monday but believes I should be able to bear weight on it as early as 2 weeks. Yay! I could not imagine being non mobile for any longer than that..

I have included some pics of Lily here at her first dental check up and our recent visit to Taronga Zoo.

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