Rogue Regents Gone Potty

100_4599.jpgIn China it is quite common for children to be toilet trained as early as 12 months.  Many of the children we know who have been adopted from China have come to their new parents pretty much toilet trained or at least able to indicate that they need to go. Many before the age of 2.

RR was 16 months old when we met her in China and gave no indication she was used to using a potty or toilet, so with the truamatic transition from being in the SWI (Social Welfare Institute) to our family home we thought it best not pursue toilet training immediately. We had a toilet step seat on the downstairs toilet but RR seemed reluctant to give it a go. yesterday we decided to buy a simple on the floor potty and see how RR responded to it. Suprisingly she wanted to sit on it straight away. Nothing happened of course but she seemed to recognise it’s purpose.

This morning I dressed RR in a normal nappy not expecting her to want to use the potty. After breakfast she indicated to me (RR is not talking as yet) that she wanted to sit on the potty. I thought “Ok I can play this game for awhile” and placed her on the potty. Voila! She peed in the potty! Well there was much clapping and dancing around. RR was clapping and smiling and I was doing the happy dance. Whether  RR will use the potty again soon, I don’t know, but she defintely knows that it’s a huge deal when she does.

I am so proud of her yet sad she is moving through her milestones so quickly. RR has only been with us 6 months today and I feel she has grown straight out of the baby stage in to a full blown little girl 😦

She is 22 months old today and I am already missing her little baby cuddles and personality. But I am also loving this ‘Little Miss Independence’ that is emerging.

Let’s face it RR is just divine however she is……..


I think too busy

Well I don’t know what happened to October…it’s just gone. November is upon us and we really have not been able to stop to enjoy it. We have had lots of great things on in November but I kind of feel that we have bitten off more than we can chew.

We have been attending events anf functions that I feel are really important for Lily, taking pictures that she will treasure, making new friends and connections. However on the other hand we are all mentally and physically exhausted from all the gallivanting around.

We went away with the other 5 families that adopted from China at the same time as us. We spent the weekend together in Smugglers Cove at Forster on the NSW Coast. And of course we were appropriately Pirate themed! This was also the setting for Lily’s first time at the beach, on the sand and in the ocean. She loved it!

dsc00754.jpg 100_4370.jpg 100_4358.jpg dsc00849.jpg dsc00834.jpg dsc00821.jpg

It was a fantastic weekend and the first time since may that all 6 girls were together again. It was precious to see them recognize and interact with each other. They may not be tied by blood but these 6 girls have started life in very similar circumstances and have the connection of the save towns and province.

100_4375.jpg dsc00739.jpg dsc00809.jpg dsc00768.jpg dsc00777.jpg dsc00764.jpg

We got home on the Monday and then on the Fri drove to Melb for nearly 3 weeks with my family. With a little detour to Canberra in between.

I had to laugh at King Golden Crown. His planned had been to drive to Melb stay a few days, drive to Canberra for weekend, drive back to Melb stay another 10 days and then drive home. Ha ha well after the first leg of the drive with the Rogue Regent only getting us 3 hours out of Sydney and then having to stay in a motel the night, when we finally did arrive in Melbourne King Golden Crown propmptly booked 3 returns airfares to Canberra!

Lily did not travel well at all that first day. We had to keep stopping on the side of the road and walk up and down the highway with her before we could get back in the car. When we did eventually get to the halfway town of Holbrook of course we got out and took photo’s with the Sub!

100_4429.jpg  100_4414.jpg  100_4418.jpg  100_4417.jpg

The reason for the visit to Canberra was to visit at the Chinese Embassy by invitation of the Ambassador and his wife. It was so lovely, there were over 50 families with their children who were all dressed in traditional Chinese garb. They all looked fantastic!!


The Rogue Regent did not take to the event as much as her parents did. We had a great time but it all seemed a little overwhelming for the RR.

Then it was back to Melb for another week. I had a brilliant time with my sister.  Due to 5 years difference in age and living so far apart we have never really been close. But this trip was so good and I really feel we bonded and grew closer together. She has a daughter 6 months older than the RR so I think that helped build a connection for us. I am going to really miss her now I am home.

While we were in Melbourne we had an early Christmas lunch at my Nan’s. This was great as I got to see so many of my family and they all got to meet the RR for the first time. RR really enjoyed meeting her cousins.

Well now we are home and the house is looking chaotic. We are having a party this weekend to usher in summer Yay! So I really should get off this computer and do some work.

Oh and of course the Christmas Tree has to go up before Saturday too!!