Seriously Mate…

This is such a funny incident that I hope in retelling it I do the story justice and you laugh as much as I did.

Let me set the scene…..

We dropped by some friends house last Saturday morning as they were moving in that day and we wanted to welcome them to the neighbourhood. We were in the house talking to our friends and trying to keep the Rogue Royal out of the path of the movers as they began bringing in the furniture and boxes. The mover I believe was of Turkish descent the same as my friends wife, but he had that whole Arabic/Aussie thing going on. I could hear him making comments such as “Like seriously” and “Mate I am not kidding you” If any of you have watched Fat Pizza then you know what I am trying to explain. Anyway about 30 minutes into the visit the Mover walks into the kitchen where we were standing with RR, he took one look at her and then at Albert and I and says…

“No kidding mate your kid seriously looks Chinese!”

He then points at her laughs and says”what’s up with that?”

Well Albert kind of smiled and said to him “She’s adopted”. The mover looked at Albert like he was processing this bit of information and then sort of snorted a laugh and said…

“Nah mate she seriously looks like she’s Chinese!”

So somewhere in Sydney today there is a Turkish removalist telling his mates the story of how this redhead couple by some fluke gave birth to a kid that “Seriously mate, looks Chinese”.



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