Proud Parents of a 2 year old

100_5207.jpgYesterday was Lily’s 2nd Birthday. We had a full day planned and so we headed out the door around 9.30 (after her highness had received all her birthday phone calls).

We woke RR with a rousing performance of Happy Birthday then we practised the “How old are you today” routine. Which I proudly add she has down pat. Had breakfast and headed for the zoo.

I was thinking of what a wonderful day it was to have this beautiful, amazing two year old in my life when it hit me… Wow it hit me like a brick. Somewhere in China there was grief for our little girl. I did not know the details but whatever they were someone in China was thinking of Lily with sadness. Whether it was her biological father or mother, or even her grandmother who knows. We don’t know if RR’s mum died in childbirth or if she is living but the thought of anyone in China grieving the loss of our daughter was acutely painful. If I love and cherish her I can’t imagine what it would have been like thinking about her yesterday, wondering where she was or if she was safe.

The feelings I had made me want to put an ad in the paper to let her family know she is loved and safe.

She had a lovely day at the zoo with her Dad (took the day off work to be with his girls) and then we went to China Town for lunch where RR was treated to a birthday cupcake, candle and more singing of Happy Birthday. RR sings along when it is sung but it comes out like Happee Burpdee ooh yew. Oh so cute!

100_5173.jpg  100_5179.jpg  100_5183.jpg  100_5181.jpg  100_5252.jpg
100_5194.jpg  100_5196.jpg  100_5200.jpg

RR’s actual partay is this Saturday and should be lots of fun.

I will keep you posted on whether I pull off the ‘Curious George’ birthday cake or not….

I mean seriously what was I thinking?……….


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  1. Erin
    Jan 31, 2008 @ 15:51:32

    Happy Birthday, Lily!!! Looks like you all had a wonderful day together hanging out with the koala bears and other zoo animals. Got to love the Happy Burpdee song–Jill has her own rendition, too.

    I must say that I’m green with envy over her white crochet hat–it’s too cute for words. Did you make it?? If so, I must have the pattern, pretty please.


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