Chinese Orphanages Need Help Now

Hi All

Half The Sky  (an aid agency for Chinese Orphans) reports on how the Chinese
orphanages are faring with the worst winter seen in decades.
If you are able to pray for and assist in anyway it would be greatly appreciated.

Many orphanages have little or no heating as boilers had broken down,
they are running out of nappies (cannot dry cloth nappies) and some
have no power, reduced water supplies and food prices are
skyrocketing. Imagine being the carers, desperately trying to keep
the children warm and fed.

Below is one of the more serious in the reports but there are so many
in a bad way …and these are only the ones HTS has been able to get
reports on.

Report from HTS 3-02-08
Xinyang, Henan – UPDATE: It seems first information on Xinyang did not
come from director of institution. Today’s news is not so favourable.
It has been snowing since January 10 and temperatures are the lowest
in history. Some heaters are broken. The institution has gathered all
of the children together in the largest HTS activity room to keep them
warm. Due to the weight of ice, the roof has cracked and there are
leaks into some of the HTS activity rooms as well as the nurseries.
They are installing a “temporary” toilet on the same floor as the big
activity room so children and caregivers don’t slip on the icy
corridors and stairs. They ask for disposable diapers, winter
clothes, cream for chilblains for the children’s hands and feet. HTS
staff continues to walk to work through the snow and ice; there is no
public transportation.

please DONATE now.
Much more information on specific needs are detailed here.

Ciao For Now


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