Marchie Marchie Marchie Wheeeee!

I love the way Lily’s language is evolving. She amazes me every single day.

It’s so hard to imagine that less then 11 months ago she had never heard English before.

How incredibly adaptable children are.

A lot of my memories of childhood are tied up in word games and songs my mum sang with me as a child.

Even now after all these years, I feel safe and loved when I hear the song ‘Catch a Falling Star’ by Perry Como or when I hear ‘Sing’ by the Carpenters.

I am determined to continue this tradition with Lily. Music is so much a part of our psyche. It triggers the memory part of our brain, and even stimulates our body to release good endorphins.

The words games and sing song rhymes you learn as a child help with counting and to introduce new words to your vocabulary.

One of Lily’s favourite word games at the most is ‘This Little Piggy goes to Market’ she loves having it done to her and loves doing it to others. It’s the cutest thing as she still does not know all the words so she just makes it up.

Most of the time it just comes out as Marchie Marchie Marchie Wheeeee!’

She grabs one of your fingers and says ‘markie’ then grabs another finger and says ‘markie’ then the last and third finger ‘Marchie’ then she wriggles her hand up your arm yelling ‘wheeee! So cute!


Verbalising a need

We all take it for granted that we can say what we mean and that we mean what we say. But when you break it down how many of us actually say what we mean?

How many of us really ask for what we want?


Just over a fortnight ago, we the Rogue Royal Clan went away to the seaside for 3 days. It was a brilliant weekend. Even with the ‘feral’ element that came out at night.

It actually had that real ‘holiday’ feel about it and we all got to relax and unwind.

Our hotel which was located right on the promenade had brilliant views of the ocean, sand bars and pelicans that make their home there. Also from our balcony you could see 2 large horse carousels below.

We had arrived on a Thursday and so these carousels were closed up with tarpaulins. Lily took no interest in them whatsoever as she had previously never seen a carousel. Then on the Saturday morning the carousel operator arrived and began setting up for the first rides of the day. Lily sat with interest on the balcony watching him. She still did not know what was going on.

Later when we saw that the carousel was operating Albert and I took Lily down for a look.

I wanted to take her on the carousel but was unsure how she would react.


The only ride she had been on was the tiger buggy outside our local chemist. I put my $2 in the buggy and Lily screamed ever so loudly “OFF!”

I was like oh no ….I have just put $2 in this thing and you will ride it until the things stops moving. I lie…..I gave in and took her off, desperately looking for another child walking past to grab and throw on the ride. Like seeing someone else on the ride would make me forget I just poured $2 down the drain!


Anyway I took Lily on the carousel and positioned her on a horse and yelled to Albert “take the picture now; it’s the last one you’re going to get of her smiling!”

But my little girl surprised me. She not only enjoyed the ride but began waving and blowing kisses to her Dada each time we went past.


By the time the holiday was over our Lily was a carousel addict!

On the last morning she was standing on the balcony pointing at the carousel saying “horsie, horsie,”.

I said “I know Darling but Daddy is packing the car. We are going home now. No more horsie rides”.

Well Lily looked at me like I was mad! I could see she was trying to formulate a sentence in her head. (Up until now we have only had 2 word sentences)

She looked at me, grabbed her bottom and very emphatically said……


“Horsie on my bottom!”


I laughed so hard!

She had tried so hard to get her point across and she had! She had said exactly what she wanted. She wanted a horsie on her bottom. Plus she had just formulated her first 4 word sentence. I was so proud of her. What a wonderfully clever 2 year old I have.

This would totally FREAK ME OUT!


I am a claustrophobic and I can tell you I would not be acting as calmly as this guys appears to be.

And tell me 41 hours would you not have taken your pants or shirt off? If it was you what would you have done?

And the big question. Where did he do his pee pee and poo poo?

Little Connie

11 Year Old Bianca

Hey Jude

12 months ago

This time one year ago Albert and I were not sitting here watching tv. We were not sitting here watching Lily, better known as Conan the Destroyer make chaos in the lounge.

Nope. We were sitting here looking at this.

We both had a laminated copy made ealier in the day of 13th Apri l 2007 and we could not take out eyes of that tiny picture. That morning we had been given the first glimpse of our treasured little girl.

Here she was, the child I had been dreaming of for so many years. She was real. She was a real person with a real history who needed me as much as I needed her.

One year on the feeling is still just as magical.

Adoption is truly a gift from God.  I look at Lily today and ask myself “How could a stranger a world away match Albert and I with a child who is with no doubts our daughter?”

She is such a beautiful, clever child who makes each day so very special.

I am thankful to God that He allowed us the priveledge to parent this very special child of His.

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