12 months ago

This time one year ago Albert and I were not sitting here watching tv. We were not sitting here watching Lily, better known as Conan the Destroyer make chaos in the lounge.

Nope. We were sitting here looking at this.

We both had a laminated copy made ealier in the day of 13th Apri l 2007 and we could not take out eyes of that tiny picture. That morning we had been given the first glimpse of our treasured little girl.

Here she was, the child I had been dreaming of for so many years. She was real. She was a real person with a real history who needed me as much as I needed her.

One year on the feeling is still just as magical.

Adoption is truly a gift from God.  I look at Lily today and ask myself “How could a stranger a world away match Albert and I with a child who is with no doubts our daughter?”

She is such a beautiful, clever child who makes each day so very special.

I am thankful to God that He allowed us the priveledge to parent this very special child of His.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Alyson @ 3 P's in a Pod
    Apr 14, 2008 @ 04:27:23

    Oh Happy, Happy Anniversary!!! How our lives have all changed in a year’s time…and such a wonderful change at that! Lily is so adorable!! I am so glad you are such a happy family!



  2. Kimberley
    Apr 14, 2008 @ 08:41:53

    Congratulations on your first magical year together. Lily is just beautiful!!


  3. Felicity
    Apr 15, 2008 @ 05:53:14

    I cannot get over how much she has grown in that year… cute as a button of course… take care


  4. Fiona
    Apr 15, 2008 @ 20:09:41

    wow a year already, how time has flown 🙂


  5. Jen Boote
    Apr 16, 2008 @ 18:28:24

    OH Rachel and Albert….One whole year! Lili is so precious and she is a beautiful gift from God! She is blossoming in your loving care.
    Yes – Ebony will be 3 this August. Time does fly and she is growing more and more every day – I’ve thought about putting a brick on her head!!!
    Are you a scrapper too????? We have too much in common 🙂
    bless you all
    Jen, Graham and Ebony Grace


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