Verbalising a need

We all take it for granted that we can say what we mean and that we mean what we say. But when you break it down how many of us actually say what we mean?

How many of us really ask for what we want?


Just over a fortnight ago, we the Rogue Royal Clan went away to the seaside for 3 days. It was a brilliant weekend. Even with the ‘feral’ element that came out at night.

It actually had that real ‘holiday’ feel about it and we all got to relax and unwind.

Our hotel which was located right on the promenade had brilliant views of the ocean, sand bars and pelicans that make their home there. Also from our balcony you could see 2 large horse carousels below.

We had arrived on a Thursday and so these carousels were closed up with tarpaulins. Lily took no interest in them whatsoever as she had previously never seen a carousel. Then on the Saturday morning the carousel operator arrived and began setting up for the first rides of the day. Lily sat with interest on the balcony watching him. She still did not know what was going on.

Later when we saw that the carousel was operating Albert and I took Lily down for a look.

I wanted to take her on the carousel but was unsure how she would react.


The only ride she had been on was the tiger buggy outside our local chemist. I put my $2 in the buggy and Lily screamed ever so loudly “OFF!”

I was like oh no ….I have just put $2 in this thing and you will ride it until the things stops moving. I lie…..I gave in and took her off, desperately looking for another child walking past to grab and throw on the ride. Like seeing someone else on the ride would make me forget I just poured $2 down the drain!


Anyway I took Lily on the carousel and positioned her on a horse and yelled to Albert “take the picture now; it’s the last one you’re going to get of her smiling!”

But my little girl surprised me. She not only enjoyed the ride but began waving and blowing kisses to her Dada each time we went past.


By the time the holiday was over our Lily was a carousel addict!

On the last morning she was standing on the balcony pointing at the carousel saying “horsie, horsie,”.

I said “I know Darling but Daddy is packing the car. We are going home now. No more horsie rides”.

Well Lily looked at me like I was mad! I could see she was trying to formulate a sentence in her head. (Up until now we have only had 2 word sentences)

She looked at me, grabbed her bottom and very emphatically said……


“Horsie on my bottom!”


I laughed so hard!

She had tried so hard to get her point across and she had! She had said exactly what she wanted. She wanted a horsie on her bottom. Plus she had just formulated her first 4 word sentence. I was so proud of her. What a wonderfully clever 2 year old I have.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Kim
    Apr 27, 2008 @ 22:42:59

    Ahhh Rachel,
    That is a wonderful example of ‘verbalising a need’ and how cleverly put by Miss Lilypie!
    She certainly is a clever little kitty and the adoration in your posts come through so gorgeously too! I’m thrilled your enjoying your wonderful little princess as much as we are.. Aren’t they just precious.. don’t forget to write those priceless little anecdotes into a special book to read back on later., especially at Lily’s 21st!
    Hugs, Kim
    PS.. Lucy cracked us up tonight; we went down for the Sunday night roast carvery and she’s sitting at the table when she very politely asks “Do they have any menus at this restaurant?” When I asked what for, she replied “So I can see what I’d like to order”… She wasn’t impressed when I said there was actually no choosing tonight, only meat and vegetables!


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