Lily Lou

On a very wet and cold 8th of June 2007 we flew into Sydney from Shanghai with the most precious gift.

A baby girl named Lily Chun Xing. She was 16th months old.

I was still in a state of disbelief that the Chinese military police at the departure gate in Shanghai actually let us leave with Lily.


Our friend Matt picked us up Sydney International and drove us home. What an amazing moment that was when we saw Matt.

Our new life as parents had just collided with our old life and friends. It made it real at that moment. We were no longer in this limbo land of strangeness.

We were home AND we were still parents.


In the last 12 months Lily has grown and developed in so many ways that I am just amazed at the resiliency of children. She is such a clever, witty little personality.

I am still madly in love with her. She is the most beautiful child I have ever seen (in my humble opinion J) I still lay in bed at night looking at her sleeping and am just amazed that we were allowed the most precious opportunity of adoption.

It is also never far from my mind that Lily’s bio family will never have the opportunity we have to watch this amazing girl grow in to an amazing adult.

We may never know Lily’s birth story and the reasons she was relinquished but it leaves a hollow sadness in me, so I can only imagine what feelings Lily may have as she grows and starts to question her birth story and history.


I love being the mother of an adopted child and I can’t imagine why you would not want to adopt a child. It’s the most amazing journey. I am still thankful every minute for the opportunity I was given to be a Mum.


Love you with all my heart Lily Lou!!


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