Well here we go again…



On Monday (16/06/08) Albert, Lily and I had a second timer’s interview at Docs to start the process of adoption all over again.

We are very excited as a family and Lily is already talking about her Didi (Younger brother).

We have submitted our application to adopt a baby boy from Taiwan.


We had known even before Lily came home that we wanted more than one child. But the whole time I was thinking of Lily and waiting for her to come home I wondered if my excitement and anticipation was only because Lily was our first.

Yet here I sit completely content with motherhood and being mother to Lily the amazing and I am just as excited. I am going to have two children. A girl and a boy.


Could anyone be more satisfied than me?


I think not!


Signing off as: MRS QUIETLY JOYFUL: today….


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