How jaded are you?

A very dear friend of mine had just told me last week that she and her husband are 6 weeks pregnant.

Albert and I were overjoyed for them; it was such exciting news and was a wonderful opportunity to explain to Lily how a baby grows in her Mummy’s tummy.


Lily seemed to grasp the idea that a baby was growing in Meg’s tummy and made sure she mentioned it at least 100 times last week.

She kept patting her tummy and saying “Megs baby in tummy, Megs baby.”


Then this past Sunday we were told that Meg had started bleeding and that the baby was in jeopardy. So I told Lily that Aunty Megs baby was ‘sore’ (this is a word she understands for whether you are ill, hurt, sick etc). I told her that we needed to pray for Aunty Meg and Uncle Dj that their baby would keep growing safe in Aunty Megs tummy. She looked at me with big solemn eyes and said “ok”. Then promptly ran off to play.

I thought ok she really hasn’t got what I am saying so I will leave it there.

A little later I sat down to take a break from all the ironing I was doing and Lily came and sat with me.

She looked up at me and pointed to her eyes as she scrunched them shut, saying “Lily pray”

I told her “ok you pray”

She put one little hand in the air and began to pray “Dear Dod (the rest of the words I could not make out) Amen!”

She then looked up at me and smiled and said “Megs baby better now”.


Wow!! The faith of a child is so very precious. Mark 11:22-23  If only you could bottle it and apply it daily.  Why do we lose that perspective as we get older? Why do we become jaded?


Please continue to pray for Meg and Dj (pictured below with our precious pumpkin) as there is still a 50% percent chance that they will keep the baby. A precious little person, already at 6 weeks who I am so wanting to meet.

Dj, Lily and Meg


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Felicity
    Jun 25, 2008 @ 23:46:56

    What a precious little sweetheart… sorry to hear about your friend…


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