Xing Xing’s Story

The other night I was lying with Lily in her bed trying to settle her for the night.

She asked me if I would read her a story. I said “Mummy doesn’t want to get up to get a story can I tell you a story instead?”

To which I got an emphatic “YES!”


So I began…


Once upon a time a little girl was born in China and her name was Wan Chun Xing and when she was only 2 days old she went to live in the Wanzhou Social Welfare Institute. She lived there with her friends Wan Chun Li, Wan Chun Di and Wan Chun Jia.

Wan Chun Xing lived at the Social Welfare Institute until she was 16 months old. When she was at the Social Welfare Institute her nannies called her Xing Xing.

Then one day her Mummy and Daddy found out that they were Xing Xing’s new Mummy and Daddy and at last were coming to China to get her and take her home.


(Lily is listening intently through all this. I then asked her who Xing Xing was and she proudly banged on her chest that she was Xing Xing.)


So then Mummy and Daddy flew all the way to Chongqing in China and waited patiently in their hotel room waiting for the nannies to come with Xing Xing.

Aunty Celeste ran down to the foyer to see if the babies were coming. She quickly came up in the lift and yelled “The babies are coming the babies are coming!”


(Lily and I always make a big deal about yelling out this part of the story)


Then Daddy who couldn’t stand it anymore looked out the door and saw Xing Xing coming out of the lift. She was wearing squeaky shoes and was coming down the hall way squeak squeak squeak holding onto her nannies hand.

Daddy yelled out to Mummy I think I see Xing Xing and she is wearing squeaky shoes! Can you hear her?

Then Xing Xing was in the doorway looking a bit shocked at what was happening. Mummy quickly scooped Xing Xing up and said Guai Guai Bu Ku Xing Xing (Good Girl, Don’t Cry Xing Xing) Then Mummy started singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star because Xing means star and Xing Xing was Mummy and Daddy’s little Star .

Then Mummy and Daddy said that they wanted to give Xing Xing a name that they brought all the way from Australia with great love. And from now on Xing Xing would be Lily Chun Xing Garlando much loved daughter of Albert and Rachel Garlando.


(At this point in the story Lily looked up at me and said “Xing Xing was sad in China”

Shocked I said “why was Xing Xing sad in China?” she said

“Because Xing Xing had no daddy in China”

Well didn’t that tear at my insides. I gave her a cuddle and said “Is Xing Xing sad now?” she said

“No Xing Xing happy now Mummy!!”

Wow how much do I love my daughter and how deep are the thoughts of a 2 year old…


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Fina Miró
    Aug 21, 2008 @ 00:04:41


    We live in Barcelona and our daughter is Wan Chun Na and is with us since December 18, 2006 and just meet the 3 years

    I think your daughter should have the same age. I would like to contact you. My mail is

    Sorry but I do not speak English, so it is with the text translator. You speak the Spanish or French?

    I hope your news

    A hug

    Fina Miro


  2. lactatingbookworm
    Aug 25, 2008 @ 21:05:26

    I have a friend who is looking into adoption. Where do you begin?


  3. RogueQueen
    Aug 26, 2008 @ 09:46:13

    Hi lactatingbookworm

    If you friend is in NSW the first place you need to start is here
    All adoption in NSW is done through this government agency whether you are adopting locally or internationally.

    Also please let your friend know the process is very lengthy 4-10 years. So if they are really interested they need to get a wriggle on!

    All the best to them and you.


  4. someonelsehasit
    Oct 09, 2008 @ 02:32:42

    what a beautiful story!! thanks for sharing it with us!!


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