Why do we have so many ‘street’ children?

What are we doing as a country when for me to have a ‘orphan’ placed in my arms I need to go through a 3-10 year process?

What is wrong with the people in a place of leadership and descision making on adoption in Australia?

People seem to get it wrong and think it’s all about me and my ‘need’ to be a mother. Rubbish! Being a mother is hard work. It’s the combined need of a child needing a family and a family having the capacity to love and adopt that child as their own.

I get so irate sitting here, reading about the ‘do gooders’ in the adoption community wanting to halt or stall adoption processes until the process works better and until there are good enough post adoption services for adoptees. Do you really think these kids care about good post adoption services?


Yes they serve a purpose and are needed but in conjuction with good, sound pro adoption policies. People need to pull their fingers out of their ears and get down to the needs that are now. Family’s for every child.

Do you have any idea how many children worldwide are living without the protection of a family at this very moment?

UNICEF estimates the number of orphans at approximately 210 million.  Are you wrapping your brain around that? Let’s personalise it….We began the process to adopt a child in Mar 2004 Lily was not placed into our arms until May 2007. Why? I understand that some of that time is due to the understaffing and contraints on the country of adoption but come on! Lily was born in Jan 2006. Our file was in China in Oct 2005 why did we not hear of Lily or even get to meet her until she was 15 months old?

You need to understand that kids suffer in orphanages. Lily’s orphanage looked after her to the best of their ability but there are economic and social restraints as to how an orphan is cared for in China. These children come home to you with often lasting mental and emotional issues. How much more is this compounded when you are a street kid on the streets of Russia from the age of 2 to 16?

In Russia, street children usually find a home in underground pipe and cable collectors during the harsh winter. These underground homes offer space, shelter and most importantly of all, heat from hot water and central heating pipes.

Russia has up to 4 million street children,[28] and one in four crimes involves underage youths. Officially, the number of children without supervision is more than 700,000. However, experts believe the real figure has long been between 2 and 4 million.[29]

Will that child ever grow up to be a normal functioning adult able to build lasting relationships and be a useful member of society? They have suffered a hurt few of us could ever imagine that alone recover from.

But please have me fingerprinted not once but twice, assess me as a suitable parent for adoption not once but twice, make me wait 6-12 months to be approved to adopt AGAIN even though I have been proven to be a good and competent parent to the first adopted child.  Please take another 6-12 months to send my file to the adopting country. It’s ridiculous and insane. The anti adoption culture in Australia needs to change. This is not about making baby farming easier. It’s not about providing the rich with more rainbow family baby accessories. It’s about providing families for kids like these:

I could go on listing hundreds of accounts of child neglect and abuse due to children not having the protection of a family.


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  2. joy
    Nov 17, 2008 @ 10:26:38

    Hi Rachel,
    Thrilled for all that’s been happening in your life.
    Mothering is the most invigoratingly exhausting and fulfilling responsibilty and is responsible for our future generation. Your words are powerful and need to be heard. They are the shocking facts and govts and adoption services are not rescuing these children fast enough. We need to join forces and fight to give these children familes. My Jemimah has given up asking me to have another baby and is now begging me to adopt.
    Miss you,
    Joy x


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