Page 56

“We come in peace and mean you no harm”

* Grab the book nearest you. Right now.
* Turn to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post that sentence along with these instructions in a note to your wall.
* Don’t dig for your favorite book, the coolest, the most intellectual. Use the CLOSEST.


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. albyg
    Nov 25, 2008 @ 08:22:04

    did you grab one of my Star Trek novels?


  2. RogueQueen
    Nov 25, 2008 @ 08:30:53

    Umm Lily did. I was too lazy to reach over for a book so I asked her to hand me a book. That is the one she grabbed. This does not bode well huh? Another trekky in my home.


  3. albyg
    Nov 25, 2008 @ 09:50:49

    there’s hope for that kid


  4. Felicity
    Nov 25, 2008 @ 10:37:20

    Ok… I got ‘But I was thinking about a suitcase on the floor, about a face I could never quite see, about the sweet smell of cold cream’ – this was from ‘The Secret Lives of Bees’…


  5. joy
    Nov 26, 2008 @ 00:56:46

    ” Nowadays Meg spent a great deal of time in her bedroom,that she had all to herself while Judy was away” from ” Seven Little Australians”


  6. Mary
    Nov 26, 2008 @ 13:54:04

    “Ask them to bring us hot chocolate, Agustin, and let us sit down and converse like decent people,” this officer of the Church proposed. from Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende.


  7. Elyssium
    Nov 27, 2008 @ 02:01:32

    Had to share it and may have to borrow meme.

    ” What you had escapes you; but if you remain attached to

    what is good, you will always have it, if nothing better




  8. Amanda
    Nov 29, 2008 @ 05:48:08

    “Thanks to our wonderful male chauvinist society,” Ammu said.
    from The God Of Small Things by Arundhati Roy


  9. Mum / Nai Nai
    Nov 30, 2008 @ 10:08:46

    “Their knobs and their branches shall be of one piece; all of it shall be one hammered piece of pure gold.
    Exodus 25:33


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