Lily turns 3

Tomorrow the 29th Jan 2009 Lily turns 3.  Wow what an amazing time it has been. She is the cheekiest,smartest little girl one could ever hope to parent. I still can’t believe where the time went. It has been nearly 2 years (in April) since we got the call to say Lily was our daughter.

Lily and I spent last week in Melbourne with my sister and family. It was wonderful to hang out and visit with them. I hardly ever get to see my family as none live closer than 10 hours drive away. So it’s a real blessing when we get a few of us in the same room. My sister Bronwyn baked Lily a cake and we had a little pre-birthday party.

Lily missed her Dad a lot and so I think that we will avoid going away without him again! Everywhere we went and everything we ate she referred back to her Dad.  She would say things like “I want Subway for lunch because Daddy buys me subway”. Or “I want to brush my teeth this way because this is how Daddy brushes his teeth”.

She was so glad to see him when he arrived at the airport to pick us up.


Backsliding Blogger that I am…..

Hi All

I am back.

Due to the deadly lure of facebook I momentarily backslid from my blogging quest. But I have now pulled myself together and am looking forward to a great year of blogging. Blogging about life, motherhood, Lily, my spiritual walk, the stupid mitsubishi adds on tv at the moment… you get my drift.

Anyway Lily is running around the house naked and trying to find her swimmers for her lesson in 40 minutes. So I better go and I will blog again soon!