Lily and Ava

Ava's first day

Ava's first day

For those of you wanting an update on my friends Dj and Meg well here it is.

This morning at 2:25am little Ava came into the world and changed everything. She is perfect and divine and Mum, Dad and Ava are doing well.

Lily was so excited that Ava had finally made that journey from her Mum’s tummy to the outside world so that she could, in her own words…

“Hug her, cuddle her, rock her and love her”

We got to the hospital this afternoon and Lily got to have her cuddle and she sang to Ava

I’ll love you forever I’ll like you for always as long as I am living my Mei mei you’ll be“.

I hope Robert Munsch will forgive her plagiarising his book.

First cuddle

Lily has been absolutely facinated with how Ava has been surviving in her Mum’s tummy without access to ice poles and Mac Dumalds.

So when she saw her tonight at the hospital she found Ava’s umbilical cord a very interesting topic of conversation.

To make a long story short I think our Lily is just smitten with her Meimei Ava.

In love with her Meimei

Dj, Albert, Meg, Me, Ava and Lily
Dj, Albert, Meg, Me, Ava and Lily