The well made plans of mice and men….? …

The well made plans of mice and men….? Spot on!
Lil and I planned to walk Harry the Pooch this morning via the local Mcafe. Stop by the post office etc all while burning the calories.

We got up and looked out the window. Cold, overcast and then the rain started.
So we made up for it by doing some cool indoor stuff. We played with playdough, beaded some necklaces. Did some colouring in.
Shame about the calories…….

concentrationbuggin around


Well it had to happen

I must admit that I knew it had to happen I just did not expect it so soon.

In a department store change room Lily yelled at me and told me she did not love me anymore and I was not to speak to her. (All this with one finger wagging in my face).  Ahh the challenges of a 3 year old.

I kinda of expected this confrontation to occur around her 13th year along with the premenstrual aggression of a teenage girl. But as it seems with everything else Lily is ahead of herself.

She had been misbehaving and whining that she wanted to do her own thing and not wait while we got Daddy some shirts. So we had a discussion about bad behaviour having consequences. (Lily calls them consomquincies)and that now she would not be riding on the Bob the Builder ride out in the shopping centre before we left.

Well that’s when the finger wagging began and I was told in no uncertain terms that I was not to speak to her because she did not love me. She loved Daddy and would only talk to him.

That’s when I showed my winning hand. ..

I just smiled and said oh well that’s too bad because Mummy was the one with the money for the Bob ride and if you are not talking to me you will definitely miss out.

Oh if looks could kill…….

Lily really wants to play Violin

Lily has been playing her elbow for months now. Running her imaginary bow back and forth across her elbow and playing her ‘violin’.

So we figured it was time to rent a student violin and find her a teacher.

The teacher she meets Saturday.

The Violin she got today.