How do you become a Christian Mum

We witnessed 2 people being baptised at Church today and it raised a lot of questions for Lily, now aged 3 1/2.

She wanted to know why the people went in and under the water. I explained to her that it was to show a picture of how our old sinful life is buried and we come out of the grave a new clean spirit because Jesus died on the cross for our sins. I explained to her that when you believe that Jesus is God’s son and that the reason He died on the cross was for you then that means you are a ‘Christian’.  When you ask Jesus to come and live in your heart and let Him lead your life you will live with God in heaven when you die.

Lily then said that when she is big like me and her father then she will be a Christian. I told her that she did not have to wait until she was old to be a Christian. I told her, “You can be a Christian when you are any age, even a kid“.

Lily then said she wanted to be a Christian and, “Mum. Shh be quiet now I want to pray”.

So, at 11am today, this is what she prayed;

Dear God, and Jesus, please come and live right here in my heart and help me to be a Christian so I can go to heaven when I die. Amen.

Ahh, a childs faith is so precious and simple isn’t it?