it’s been far to long my friend…..

Dear Blog

Please forgive me for my absence it has been far to long since we last conversed.

 Seriously though I can not believe it has been a year since I last blogged. So much happening in my universe.

And I love it! 

A year ago I did not think I would be  where I am today. In that one year I have met people, been places and ate things that I just never expected.

Which takes me back to the point I have blogged on before.


Change gets us to step outside ur comfort barrier. Although sometimes it feels like Change has shoved us out with a firm hand in the middle of our back!

This time last year I was about to attend my first Equip Wives seminar at St Andrews Cathedral Sydney. I was terrified. Albert had booked and paid for me to go and he had told me… “Go, make some new friends”

We had recently moved to the other side of the city  where we really did not know anyone apart from the people at the new church we were attending.  I had already begun to make friends there but the Seminar was Wives of those  in ministry so when it came to attending the seminar, being the wife of the Pastor meant I was going to the seminar alone.

I arrived at the seminar alone feeling very awkward and uncomfortable. There was a couple hundred women there and they all seemed to know each other.

The first hour or so of the seminar I sat alone hoping that people would talk to me but on the other hand hoping they wouldn’t. Isn’t that silly?

But then a lovely lady came up out of the crowd and intorduced herself and chatted for awhile. She was so nice. She introduced to some more  ladies and I had a wonderful day.

So the day started off seemingly doomed to failure but in the end was lovely. I met people  who are now friends and I am looking forward to attending again this year.

I was forced to put myself out there. Forced to  put my emotions out for people to see. And don’t we all hate that? Because on some level we all hate knock backs. I sometimes feel like I am back in the school yard standing there waiting to be picked for the sports team, having those two team leaders eye me up and down and assess me to see if I am worthy to play for them.

Do they still do that school ? I hope teachers have done away this system of choosing teams. It’s quite cruel.

Anyway as you have probably already gathered this blog entry is a bit of a meander. I have been thinking about  the past year alot  and am just trying to blog out some of my thoughts.

  • Change is good
  • Blessings come when you are brave enough to put yourself out for examination (not always but alot of the time)
  • And teachers should abandon the ‘Team Leaders Choose Sports Team’ method.

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