January 4th 2010

Lily was playing her guitar and dancing around the lounge she was singing the song ‘Blessed be the Name of the Lord’ the chorus usually goes;

You give and take away

You give and take away

My hear will choose to say

Lord blessed be your name.

anyway Lily got to the chorus and started singing;

You give us takeaway….

You give us takeaway….

very very funny!!


Aug 21st 2008

The other day Lily was just ravenous and eating everything in sight. I looked at her and said “Lily, where do you put it all?”

She looked at me like I was dull and said “In my mouth..”


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  1. RogueQueen
    Nov 10, 2008 @ 11:03:51

    Lily was sitting with her Chinese talking doll Ling the other day and staring out the window. I leaned over and activated Ling to say a phrase. Lily put her hand on her chest and said ‘oh my goodness! You just about gave me a heart attack!”


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