3rd Day of Schoool Holidays – Baking

I just love Christmas time and all the holiday baking that goes with it.  Today Lily and I made Stained Glass Window Cookies. We used the recipe from NorthPole.Com but with a quick google search you can find lots of variations on the same theme.

These were delicious.


Getting the Jesus Story right

Driving home from Prep with our 4 year old on Monday and she began to tell us the story of Jesus that she had heard in chapel that day.

She told us all about the baby Jesus being born in a manger.

“Mum, that’s where the animals eat their dinner.”

I then asked her why the baby Jesus was born in a manger and not in a hotel room or house in Bethlehem.

“Because Mum all the houses and hotels were washed away in Noah’s big flood!”

This, mind you was said with such an air of authourity that I really didn’t know how to correct her version of events.


Baby Jesus in the Manger